Our Trademark Process


H&L design Process

Our focus is YOU! By getting to know your style, your interest and what inspires, we are able to then design a space that reflects you and your unique style.

  • Greetings & Inspiration

    We are always thrilled to meet new clients, as well as see returning clients. Upon meeting we inquire what the client is looking for from a full service design or a simple update. As we continue through the process as well as become better acquainted with our client we discover what they are envisioning, what the goal for the space is, as well as what interest them to then build inspiration for the design of the space.

  • Design & Implementation

    The design comes from the inspiration of understanding the client and their style. Upon design a space we look at all the elements the space needs in order to look and feel complete. Pulling together all the details and installing is what makes the space come to life while reflecting the clients- your- authentic style.

  • Reveal with Bubbles

    Our favorite part is celebrating the Reveal!!! Watching as our clients faces light up with delight and wonder as they walk through the finished design. Celebrating with bubbles because its truly a moment worth toasting to!


Finding your Style

Often when deciding to design a space many are asked “what’s your style”, which lets face it, it can be a loaded question! Harper & Lee Design helps you find your personal and authentic style with our trademark process by getting to know you better through your interest and what you are drawn to. So whether you’re more traditional, ultra modern, super glam, or farmhouse chic, we bring your style to life within your home!