Harper & Lee Design

 Luxurious Design Services

At Harper & Lee Design we offer a wide selection of design services to meet all your needs, specializing in:

  • Home Staging

  • Interior Design in Residential/ Commercial

  • Holiday Décor

Home Staging

H&L Stages individuals homes in preparation to place on the market as well as stages model homes. In both cases we can help completely furnish a home or simply offer a few changes that will help your home show beautifully. For residential clients looking to sale their home we generally use the pieces they have with in their home and help to depersonalize, declutter, organize, and refresh your home so that the rooms are functional and flow into the next seamlessly. However, many clients have enjoyed having the option of renting/buying our items to give their home that extra touch.

For corporate or model homes we work closely with local furniture companies as well as source items online to not only fill the space but more importantly to bring the space to life.  After all it is true that when a home or space has been furnished and decorated it people are more drawn to it, envisioning themselves in it as well as the memories they can make. We take pride in our design and it shows, literally!

Interior Design or Residential & Commercial

H&L Design work closely with both residential clients as well as commercial clients to fully design homes/ spaces or in some cases bring them up to date. By going through our trademark process we are able to learn the intent for the design then use that as inspiration to deliver results that are elevated and elegant but still true to the clients (your) authentic and unique style.

Holiday Décor

The holidays bring a certain wonder and feeling to most through not only the sounds, smells, and memories but most often through the glitz and glamour that touches their eyes. We at H&L Design LOVE all the holidays and Love to watch a room become transformed to welcome in every holiday. We have decorated residential homes as well as commercial work spaces, and holiday events of all nature. From making Halloween more spectacular than spooky, or truly decking the halls with over the top trees, garland, ribbon, and bows at Christmas, to making the New Year glitter and shine as you Cheers to the New Year, we help bring the magic of the holiday to life. So don’t stress about all the little details, let us help you impress your family and guest with décor that is sure to make all their jaws hit the floor.